This article provides a guide on how to assess and repair a damaged Apple phone screen. It covers steps for DIY repair, emphasizes the importance of data backup, and discusses the cost of repair

Do you wish to repair your damaged Apple phone screen at home? Or are you looking for an iPhone phone repair shop in Hialeah? Read through our guide, and you’ll know what you have to do. 

We have made a list of tips that you can follow to find the level of damage to your iPhone screen and how you can secure your data. This blog also tells you how to DIY repair your device’s phone screen and what things you have to keep in mind while getting the help of professionals. 

The Extent Of Apple Phone Screen Damage

Before you do anything else, first check the level of damage to your iPhone screen. Whether it is a minor crack, there are pieces of glass, or is the damage a mixture of both?

If you know the extent of the damage, it will be easier for you to decide whether you have to do the repair at home or contact an iPhone repair service

Keep a Backup of Data For Safety

Whether you want to repair your iPhone screen yourself or take the help of experts, remember to back up your data beforehand. 

What if something goes wrong during the repair process? You might lose your data, too. So connect to wifi and back up all of your iPhone data into iTunes or iCloud.

How to Repair an Apple Phone?

Do you want to repair your iPhone screen at home? Are you looking for proper DIY tips to repair your damaged iPhone screen? Don’t worry at all. Follow these steps and repair your cell phone by yourself. 

Collect The Tools

To fulfill the job, collect the following tools. 

  1. Screwdriver. 
  2. Plastic prying tool. 
  3. Buy a new screen to replace the old one. 
  4. Set aside a Hair dryer or a heat gun.

Choose The Place 

To DIY repair your iPhone screen, find a clean place to carry out this act. Make sure the area has good lighting, and you have all the tools by your side. 

Power Off And Remove Screws

Before you start with the process of repairing the power off your phone for safety reasons and then slowly remove the screws of your iPhone. To remove them, follow this guide. 

  1. Choose the proper size screwdriver. 
  2. Locate the screws on your device and unscrew them. 

Open The Device And Replace The Screen

Next, use the plastic prying tool to open the iPhone slowly and with care. Stay patient and work carefully on your phone to avoid any more damage. Repair the damaged screen by replacing the old screen with a new screen. You can replace it by doing these steps. 

  1. Open the device. 
  2. Detach the cables connected to the old screen. 
  3. Replace the new screen.
  4. Connect the cables to the new screen correctly. 

Reassemble the Device

After the DIY repair, reassemble your iPhone by securing the screws and turning it on to ensure the proper functioning of the new screen. 

What is the Cost of Screen Repairing?

The process of screen repair can cost different considering the damage to your iPhone screen. If you wish to do it yourself, you will only have to pay for the price of the parts, but your iPhone will need a more professional touch of a good Apple phone repair service.

You must be thinking that getting things done by a repair service will cost you a fortune, but that is not true. These services are completely affordable, so don’t worry and contact your local Apple phone repair shop in Hialeah now. 

Importance of Warranty in Apple Phone Screen Repair

When choosing the Apple phone repair shop in Hialeah, do inquire about the warranty of the screen repair packages. And if you are repairing yourself, buy genuine parts for your iPhone that come with a warranty.

Why Does Prevention Is Better Than Cure?

After you get your iPhone screen repaired, it is important to take safety measures for the future. To save your phone from any damage in the coming time, use a high-quality screen protector and case. These accessories are very cheap in comparison to getting screen repairs frequently. 

Opt for a Reputable Apple Phone Repair Shop in Hialeah

Do you want to get your iPhone screen repaired? Or are you looking for a good iPhone Screen repair service to get the job done at a cheaper price? Contact SteadyFix now. They’ll give you the best Apple phone repair services in Hialeah and make your device as good as brand new. 


Getting your damaged iPhone Screen repaired in Hialeah is now made easy. Follow these basic steps we listed down for you to DIY repair, or choose our suggested Apple phone repair shop in Hialeah and get things done professionally. Don’t let these small hindrances stop you from flying high. Allow us to assist you and help you continue with your tasks ASAP.

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