Rockspace Extender Firmware Update Failed?

Rockspace WiFi range extenders are known for their top-notch performance. To always keep getting the best out of them, it is essential that you keep the firmware updated with the latest version. In case you are unable to update the firmware on your Rockspace extender, we can help! FYI, Firmware updates can be done manually via re.rockspace.local or you can go for automatic updates.
Automatic firmware updates happen at the specified times whenever there is an update ready. However, for the manual update, you need to download the firmware file and then install it on the extender by logging in.
If you can not update your extender and are facing issues during the process, use the troubleshooting tips given in this guide. Go on reading.

How to Fix Rockspace Extender Firmware Failure Issues?

Reboot the Extender

If you are stuck while updating your extender, then reboot your extender once. Power it off and wait for some time and then turn it on again. This completes the reboot process. Now go to its settings and see if the firmware is updated on it or not by checking the firmmmware version. Sometimes the updates are done but it does not reflect and need a restart process. If the firmware is not yet updated then try to update it once again.
But before doing that, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Check Power Supply

A fluctuating power supply can not help you in updating the firmware on your device. You are bound to get halted every now and then. This might also brick your device by corrupting the firmware. Thus make sure that your extender receives a steady and non-fluctuating power supply. Check the power cable and the power socket in use.

Ensure Stable Internet Connection

Another point that you need to remember is that the internet connection should not be shaky. An unstable internet connection causes the same harm as a poor power supply does. Thus check that the Ethernet connection between the Rockspace extender and router is secure. Bring the devices a little closer if it is a wireless connection.
Download Correct Firmware File
You must download the correct firmware file before installing it on your Rockspace wireless range extender. Every extender model has a different firmware released. You need to check the router model and then download the firmware accordingly.

Use an Updated Web Browser

To install the firmware on your Rockspace WiFi extender, you must log in to its web interface on your computer and then carry out the process. To get this job done, it is suggested that you put to use an updated web browser. Consider updating the browser if you do not have an updated one installed on your PC. Also, wipe out the cache, cookies, and browsing history from it before proceeding ahead. For this, you need to go to its settings.

Do Not Interrupt the Process

Be very certain that when the firmware file is getting installed on your Rockspace extender, the process is not getting interrupted by you. To be more specific, do not turn off the extender or play games online or open a new tab etc that might halt the process. Simply stay on the same page till the update gets done.

Use the Correct Steps

You need to ensure that you are using the correct instructions to get the firmware updated on your Rockspace extender. It is recommended that you refer to the Rockspace WiFi extender manual that came along with the device while purchasing it to know the exact steps for firmware update.

In a Nutshell

We are sure you are now done updating your Rocksapce wireless range extender without any hassle. Firmware updates are important to get the most out of your device. With a firmware update, you get an enhanced performance along with bug fixing. New features also get added to the device. Plus you get a securer network. Thus always, keep an eye on the firmware updates releases. Whenever a new update is ready to be done, get it installed on your device by keeping into consideration the points that have been given ahead.

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